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Stocks Available in Hades Textile Industry.

HD-3196 details


We do have stocks of two products, in bulk quantity.

Available Stocks…

Travel Trolley Bags

Pieces: 896 Available

Pricing: $30 Per/Piece – FOB Shanghai

Microfiber Towels

Specs: Ref. HD-3196
Size: 38 x 40 cm 300 GSM
Packing: set of 3 pcs in polybag
Price: US$0.94 per set FOB Tianjin base on 10,000 sets.
Stocks Quantity Available: 900,000 Sets.

So order Now:http://www.hadesmicrofiberproducts.com/contactus.html


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How to display Bath Towels in your Bath Areas?

As we all know that Towels are the main source in our bath items. We manage to decorate them on certain areas. Many towels have lovely embroidery, edging, and textures that can be displayed for an extra decorative touch; due to this we order our Towel Manufacturers to produce some particular stylish designed Towels to decorate our bath areas.

Coordinated colored Towels

If you have chosen bath towels in colors that coordinate with your bathroom décor, such as the wallpaper, tiles, or artwork, display them where that coordination will be apparent. A centered towel rack, for example, is a simple way to show how your towels coordinate with the bathroom walls. Tie a ribbon around them for an elegant accent.

Hang Towels with pegs

Simple pegs are a great way to display larger towels, whether you need a way to display beach towels in the summer or if you’re looking for an alternative, easy option for bath towel storage. Be sure the hooks or pegs are spaced well to accommodate thick towels, and they should be curved enough to support heavy towels without trouble.

Colored Textured Towels

If you have several colors of towels, a simple coordinated stack can be lovely. Arrange the bath towels with matching hand towels and wash clothes in a pattern that shows off the color contrasts for a quick and easy display.


Towels are the mainly the need for all of us in our daily lives. And in this modern era we do have lots of firms and Towel Suppliers who manufacture and deliver some of the best fabricated Towels and other Textile fabrics in ease.